Monday, October 12, 2009

On the Beaten Path to Pisa

We went to Pisa yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the scale. The massive scale of kiosks where one could by these miniature sculptures of buildings along with refrigerator magnets and calendars. Please be sure to notice the fine detail of windows and columns on the sculpture above. After parking the car and walking down a crowded street we came upon a piazza surrounded by immaculately kept green grass. And you know what ? It turns out that Pisa has full-size versions of these very same miniature buildings !

That's really a smart-alecky way to start a blog post I know. The buildings are quite lovely and I can only feel sorry for the cathedral which is absolutely stunning but has to share space with one of the most famous structures in the world. I think I'll start printing tee-shirts with its image. The caption will read: "We Saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa and As Long As We Were Here We Saw This."
Bill spent a lot of time trying to get a convincing photo of Boris holding up the leaning tower. Not only does he seem to be supporting it, he looks so huge that he's supporting it in mid-air. That isn't an illusion. All that pasta and pizza really is making him bigger.

As if the photo wasn't corny enough, after lunch I couldn't resist saying,
"Hey ! We're having Pizza in Pisa !" Now that's comedy !
Oh--one last thing. I have been having trouble getting the "Comment" option to show up at the bottom of my blog. It vanished completely from the last post. For this one I have it back but it is WAY down at the bottom, so if you want to comment you'll need to scroll down. It seems like strange things happen to the layout whenever I include photos.

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Veectoria said...

making gnocchi with Sex Pistols in the background; now THAT's funny