Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's with the title ?

Would people think less of me, I wonder, if they knew that my secret ambition is to coin a catch-phrase ?

Many years ago, Bill and I were having a conversation about another person who was, in my opinion, something of a wimp. To make my point that life is tough and that this person should just deal with it I said, “This ain’t no marshmallow factory !” The “this” in question was essentially “real life.” I thought it was an amusing little phrase but I didn’t have any particular ambitions for it at the time and so it languished for a decade.

Recently, I took it out of my metaphorical language cold storage. (It was right next to “Cool Cat,” the nickname I’d chosen for myself that nobody would use). Surprisingly, when I said it to Bill, not only did he have no recollection of the phrase--he thought it originated on Seinfeld ! Of course I was flattered. That show did have a certain amount of success as I recall. And yet, I wanted credit. I googled “This ain’t no marshmallow factory” and Seinfeld just to make sure. There was no reference to this phrase anywhere. It's mine, I tell you ! I hope you will use it in good health and often. After all, a catch-phrase unspoken is just a phrase. (Hey ! That’s a pretty good catch-phrase right there!)


Eric Riback said...

Now you just need a logo for your header.

Stefania Impasta said...

Maybe I can have a font where all the letters are puffy.

Bella Stander said...

Surely you could pick up a pic of marshmallows somewhere on the Interwebs.